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Thread: 2015 rtx x 260

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    2015 rtx x 260

    I just bought this used JetSki. Bought it from a second owner that didnít know whole lot about it. With 120 hours, and being a 2015 model, is the supercharger in need of an overhaul or is this a late enough model that it would be good for 200 hrs?
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    If there is no record of the supercharger being rebuilt get it done ASAP, the kits are 2 years or 200 hrs and the collateral damage if it fails will cost a lot more than the cost of a supercharger rebuild.

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    once blower bearings are exposed to motor oil and a running engine, the clock starts ticking on their lifespan.

    The bearing cages are made of plastic

    ignoring this advice seldomly works out well, except for guys like me, who see a blown up blower as a decent payday

    rebuild it now for under a grand, or pay me to pull the engine, repair the damages and then replace the blower assembly

    A seadoo supercharger adds about $5 an hour to running costs. Drop a $20 into a coffee can after each outing and when the time comes you'll have the cash, and perhaps enough left over for a nice dinner out.

    guys that don't know much are the same guys that balk at yearly oil changes "when I only put 30 hours on the ski this year"

    I have a customer with a 2007 with THIRTY HOURS on the meter. He gets his oil changed every season. He bought a NA model since his dealer told him in clear terms about the blower issues and the guy happens to be a surgeon who is pretty good at taking the advice of the folks that keep his lake toys running. He's up here at his lake house just a couple of weekends a year

    all of that said


    and oh yeah, use an OEM kit

    The forum operates a rebuild service if you can handle the on/off labor

    I use it for all of my blowers

    its trickly but not beyond anybody who can do a proper brake job

    and welcome aboard GH!

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