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    SXR 800 - 850 - gp ski

    I have a chance to buy SXR 800 now 850 racing ski with 110hp for 3.900eur aprox 4.900 usd.
    I was wondering if its worth it in your more experienced eyes.

    I am no expert in stand ups, I have been riding sit down pwc for almost 10 years and want to get into something more physical.
    Do you think this kind build requires rebuilds often? I am going to use it for hobby riding in my local track.

    Any input would be helpful.

    Upgrades it has-
    Solas pump
    Crafftsman aluminium ride plate
    Skat-Trak intake grate
    RRP handlepole
    Mikuni carburators
    V-force intake valves
    TBM lightweight flywheel
    IgniPro ignition
    LIX racing cylinder and cyl. head.
    Jettrim mats
    Carbon side rails and kick tail
    Stronger steering cable
    New original throttle cable
    TBM side bumpers
    TBM twin pipe
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    I think it's better to buy a stock jet ski. for this money you can make the tuning you want yourself. If you have no experience with such a jet ski, why would you need such a powerful one?

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    Probablly you are right. We are setting up a track in our local lake and was thinking to get something for it.
    Made a mistake its actually 3900eur

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    And what year 800SXR is it? the made them for many years.The 800 stock is a fast machine. For a first time standup its a lot of performance. That modified machine, well, i would think for beginner, it would be way too much ski and a very poor recreational riding machine. Would spend more time being fixed than riding along with you as it can hurt you very fast.

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    It should be 2008, atleast what they are saying. Do you think it would be very unreliable?
    Also there is offer for very little modifed Yamaha SJ, maybe its a good idea to get that, it only has b-pipe.

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    I would be looking for a stock standing jet ski. it doesn't matter if it's kawasaki or yamaha. starting from 700 cubes. I bought an fx700 (fx1) last year, this year I will try it for the first time on a standing jet ski. Reading the forums, they always wrote that a stock jet ski is better for a beginner. Also, plus the stock that it is very reliable, unlike your modified version. if you just want to fill up gasoline and ride then this is not an option. if you plan to do repairs you can buy a modified one.

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    I have never seen a TBM twin pipe setup, very interesting!
    Does anyone on here have any experience with them ? Definitely looks like a maintenance nightmare, but mayber not?
    How do they compare to a Factory dry pipe ?

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