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    SVHO ECM "Adjustable Modes?"

    The Sea Doo 300 has Normal and Sport modes for the ECU to change mapping for performance gains. Do the Yamaha SVHO series have mode selection in their ECM? I have noticed that you can limit the top end speed, but what about the other performance factors such as acceleration?

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    Stock, there is just normal full power mode and Learner (power/speed limited) modes.

    Normal mode on Yamaha is equivalent to Seadoo Sport mode.

    Engine will start and run in whichever mode it was last set to, stays that way until the mode is changed. Models that come with the radio remote key fob, the Learner mode on/off function is a button on the remote.

    Learner mode limits the full throttle squeeze power to half, maybe 60% of full power? Speed is similarly limited.

    On models with Cruise speed control and No Wake modes, those are selected using the handlebar buttons.

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    Can a tuner Dean/Jesus change what learner mode is?

    Would be nice to have learner mode be what ever you want like for me I would want that to be full power but limit the rpms/ speed. So they an feel the power but not kill them selves at 90+ mph ha

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