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    RXT vs Ultra 250X

    I posted this over on the Kawi side, but I though I would cross post here for those of you that might be interested:

    OK, so we finally have 6 hrs on the wife's 250X. Here are the results vs. my '06 RXT w/no mods:

    We did a total of about 6 runs back to back at Lake Lewisville in Texas.

    1st 3 tests: Wife (120 lbs) on 250x, Me (220 lbs) on RXT:

    Out of the hole: 250x by 15 ft
    Mid Range (20-40): 250x by a hair (RCH)
    Top speed: dead even or maybe RXT by .1 mph (it caught up but only got ahead by a few inches after 1/2 mile or so).

    Next 3 test runs: we swapped skis, and for the next 3 runs I was riding the 250x and she was on the RXT

    Out of the hole: dead even
    Mid Range (20-40): 250x by a hair.
    Top speed: dead even or maybe RXT by .1 mph

    Also, both skis run about 65-66 on GPS (didn't have it with me for this race, but had GPS prior - that's what they run).

    But, the RXT shows 69 on the speedometer (that's it's max reading) from 64 mph to 66 mph and just stays there. The 250x was showing 64-65 on the speedometer, occasionally showing 67. So, it appears that the 250X has a more accurate speedometer.

    In chop:
    The RXT and the 250X stay hooked equally well. The 250x seems a little less affected by cross waves. The RXT seems to do a little better on strait-on rough chop, but it is insignificant.

    The 250X inspires more confidence (seems more planted), but I think it's more of a touchy-feeling thing; the RXT doesn't wiggle around or anything, it just feels looser in chop.

    In smooth to very light chop:
    The RXT has more precise steering; the 250X has a little play in the steering.
    The 250X has way more throttle response.

    Other notes:
    • The RXT has a better reverse handle and is easier to manuever around the dock and to put on/off the trailer.
    • The handle bar cover on the 250X is kinda floppy and annoying (we will probably glue some memory foam on the inside to make it firmer like the RXT's).
    • The front-trunk lid on the 250X feels more flimsy than the RXT, but it is really not that it is thinner or cheaper plastic - it's just that the RXT has more curve in the lid and it is stiffer because of this and feels of better quality when you shut it.
    • Neither of them leak water into the comparment (yet).
    • The 250X is weighted more on the left side. I guess because the SC hangs-off on that side. It will flip over easier to its port side than its starboard side. It's only an issue with 2 or more people aboard and you both are leaning left.
    • The steering is much quicker on the 250X, i.e. you don't have to turn it as far from lock to lock, but the RXT offers more precision.
    • The RXT has OPAS paddles on the rear to give you some steering when the throttle is off and your are coming down from high speed. The 250X does this via 'Smart Steering' (their name for it) which gives it a little throttle if you turn while off-throttle and are going over 25mph or so. It works well and doesn't have the problem of the paddles lowering themselves into the water and slowing you down when they are not supposed to like the RXT does, but it makes the 250 not want to slow down very quickly if you chop the throttle suddenly and turn the handle bar.
    • The 250X feels way faster because of the instant throttle response and great acceleration from a stop and from a slow roll.
    • The RXT is a 3 cylinder and the 250X is a 4 cylinder. The 250X has a smoother running engine with less vibration.
    • We rode both skis about the same amount of time (2+ hours) and at about the same pace. Both went from full to 1/4 tank for the same amount of run time, but the 250X has a bigger tank, so it burned about 3-4 more gallons of fuel.
    All the speed tests were done with both skis at about 1/4 of a tank of fuel. The 250X has only 6 hrs and might speed up with some more time. The RXT has 40 hrs, is completely stock, but has never had the wear ring replaced - it might pick up 1 mph or so with a new wear ring.

    Next time out: superman position, top speed runs on each ski on GPS.[/quote]

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    Good stuff. No way to be biased when you own both!


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    Great post!!!! Love the way you put up your results. THANKS!!

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    Great info!

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    your wife is just a better rider.

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    Give the Kawi till about 15 to 18 hours then compare them.Check the oil level , make sure the idiot dealer didnt over fill it like they have done to @ 80% of the 250's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyboy View Post
    your wife is just a better rider.
    She'd like to think so!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ultra250 Tn View Post
    Give the Kawi till about 15 to 18 hours then compare them.Check the oil level , make sure the idiot dealer didnt over fill it like they have done to @ 80% of the 250's.
    The oil level is good.


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    Two Fifty Powa!

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    glad to see an unbiased post on this. Great info! Thx. Looking to get a second ski for my wife, and am considering these two. Appreciate the comparison.

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    That's why I am glad I own a SeaDoo. Great info..SeaDoo has 3 cylinders but almost has the same displacement(1,494 cc). Kawi may have 4 cyl. but the same cc 1,498cc. I wonder what is better?

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