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    STX-12 dies like the kill switch was hit.

    I have a 2006 STX-12 with maybe 40 hours on it. (It's winterized so I can't easily check right now). I bought it from the original owner who stored it indoors in the winter. It has never seen salt and lived on a hoist out of the water and is very clean with very low hours. (I also have a STX-15 with 66 ish? hours from the same previous owner).

    They both run like champs. Start great, idle great. Pull hard. Run smooth etc. but....

    Towards the end of the summer the STX 12 started intermittently dying. Just like you hit the kill switch. It mostly happened at WOT and was usually linked to hitting a wave at WOT. The machine just dies without any sputter cough or warning and glides to a stop. You can re-start it immediately without touching or doing anything to fix it and it takes off again like nothing ever happened. I have tried switching the tethers between the machines and playing with the kill switch but it doesn't seem to affect anything. I opened the bar pad and was going to switch the kill switches between the two machines but it was more complex than I had expected and my family wanted to ride so I went for a ride instead.

    Any idea where to start? I am thinking swapping the kill switches is a no brainer? All wiring plugs in the engine bay are tight clean sealed and original mint condition.

    Thanks for your advice.

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    Try cleaning and tightening battery connections.

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    Check this fuse.
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    Battery terminals Perfect and coated in di-electric grease

    Thank you but the battery terminals are spotless clean and I used di-electric grease when I installed the battery. I have also tried two different batteries in this machine. (The factory original and a new battery). No change in the problem.

    Thanks Tho!

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    Where is this fuse located? I tried a unplugging and re-plugging a lot of terminals and couldn’t find any corrosion or sign of trouble. I would replace the fuse just to be sure if your tell me where to find it.


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    Here is a thought.

    I have a 03 12F that had a similar problem except that mine started shutting down when I turned right, like yours, it would start right up and run fine, no problem turning left.

    What I found was the metal part of the fuel vent under the handlebar pad had come loose and was rubbing against the wires from the kill switch, I believe this was causing a grounding of some sort which would tell the ECM to shut down. Once I secured the vent away from any wires, the problem has not returned.

    Something to look at?


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    If its only happening jumping a wave the tip over sensor maybe

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    That fuse should be right next to the ECU, attached to the ECU bracket.

    I had a 15F with the exact same problem. That fuse had one broken leg. If the ski hit a wake or wave, it would stall out, but re-start right away. I guess any shock opened the circuit just long enough to stall.

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    Thanks I will replace the fuse and check the connector for any sign of corrosion.

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    Where would I find this tip over sensor and could it be swapped between my machines easily for testing purposes?

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