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    06 STX 12f - No fuel issue

    I have an 06 STX-12f which is having fuel issues. Specifically, I am finding that the fuel pump has no power. When I try to start it, I see that it get a "flash" of power and then nothing. Fuel pump does work (I replaced it). My questions:

    1) Gauge cluster - I have recently replaced the gauge cluster with a rebuilt version (known issue). I believe that this power goes through the cluster... is there a way to "wire around" the gauge cluster for testing purposes?

    2) I am also wondering if it is the ECM causing this. Am fearful of this problem.

    When I bought the ski, this problem was intermittent. Seems much more consistent now.

    Any help and ideas are appreciated.

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    Doesn't the "flipover" switch cut off the fuel pump?

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