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    Quote Originally Posted by casey67 View Post
    ... It's fine to leave them both out, later models Polaris never had either.
    I vaguely recall a service bulletin, or perhaps a dealer/service tech saying, that the thermostat and bypass were being installed into new engines that did not come from from the factory with them, IF the machine was going to be operated in colder waters.

    Put another way, most of these were sold to places where the water was typically warm enough to not require the thermostat. But for places where the thermostat was a good thing, it was installed.

    In all the years I owned Polaris and worked on them for other people, I cannot recall a single thermostat failing. Maybe one, maybe. Failures posted about on here, not many.

    The pressure bypass plastic tip, those do wear and need replacement. If allowed to wear excessively they plastic part can jam in place and limit water flow at higher speeds/RPM. On a few engines the housing would corrode or become grooved from the spring vibrating. Easy to inspect.

    I ride in Ontario, Canada and sometimes the water is quite cold. I always had a working thermostat and pressure bypass valve installed*. Never gave me any problems. Engine temp was as it should be.

    * unless both are installed neither will work as intended.

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    I think cold weather riders are accustomed to added equipement and gear to make it happen.

    If riding barefoot and shorts like in the sales brochure, it will be fine with neither.

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    Ok so I thought I better give an update, I took out the thermostat and cleaned the water galleries, got 4 new engine mounts in and took her to the lake. My son and I had a ball the ski ran like a dream all day. Thank you all for your help and advice there is some great knowledge in this forum.��

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