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Thread: traction mats

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    traction mats

    Hey guys!! Quick question. I have a slt750 and im replacing the mats but there is like a clear film or tape under the mats that I can't seem to get off. I'm replacing the old ones with black tip mats. I got most of the glue off but do I need to get the clear stuff off for it to stick?? If so, how can I get that crap off? I already tried putting some acetone on it and scraping. Maybe I need to put some more on. Any thoughts???

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    Go to your local hardware store and purchase some adhesive remover.....

    Works great!

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    Agree on the adhesive remover. 3M makes a great product in a spray can.

    Body shops also have it in bulk liquid. I'm not sure if it is sold to the public that way.

    Resist the temptation to use aggressive scraping or Scotch Brite type pads, they are too coarse for your PWC's gelcoat finish and will mar it up. Let the adhesive remover do its' magic.

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