l am having an issue with the dealer.

Last year l bought the following parts:
- RIVA Kawasaki Ultra 310 Free Flow Exhaust Kit 2014+ (R -
- RIVA Waterbox for all Kawasaki Ultra (RK16091-1)
- RIVA Kawasaki Free Flow Exhaust Coupler, Ultra 310 (RK15-2.38/3.25)
- RIVA Kawasaki Ultra 310/300 Performance Power Filter Kit (RK13100)

And l fixed those parts in the dealer, and then after 1 ride when l am done and l had to flash the intercooler, but water went in the head and l flashed it while the engine is off per instruction.

However, the dealer removed the water from the head. They informed me it could be due to pressure and l am pretty sure the water is not pressured and the jet ski was in the storage after that ride and l took it again in the sea today and the same issue happens (water gets in the head) when flashing the intercooler.

I took it again to the dealer, at the beginning the technician informed me that the engine must be on while flashing the intercooler, but l told him it’s written on the body:

“Do not run the engine during flushing the intercooler”.

And l asked the technician to check it properly, there’s something wrong for sure.

He said let me check the intercooler and now he informed me that there’s a leakage in the intercooler and the cost to replace it is around $3,400 without VAT.

I informed him my jet ski is less than 20 hours only and this issue happens after fixing the parts.

However, what do you guys think and what do you recommend?

Thank you.