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    On 2006 gtx seadoo 4tec Fuel pump keeps cycleing

    Seadoo pros !!! Any idea what could cause the fuel pump to continue to cycle with key out , it keeps coming on every 15 seconds or so and will run battery down!! Thanks for any help in advance. I believe the mpem is bad and causing this! Please any ideas!!

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    Also a bag DESS post will do that too.

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    Sorry meant bad DESS post

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    Check for moisture or corrosion in the large wire block connectors at the MPEM. If that's not it then it's probably the MPEM itself. The '06 models had some crappy electronics.

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    I've had this happen 3 different times on 3 different skis. All 3 times was something different.

    Bad ecu
    Bad connection at mpem, oxidation on pins
    Bad ground at front of engine, oxidated and loose.

    The bad ecu was fixed (not really) by puting an on/off battery switch from a boat. Just don't forget to turn to off position when not using it and battery will not drain.

    Other two were fixed by cleaning contacts and tightening down loose bolt.

    Good luck.

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