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    No Fuel Pressure

    I have a 96 Seadoo GTX that I have been rebuilding. I swapped the motor from a wrecked ski to a good hull. Before I started this project I confirmed that the engine ran and that the engine had good compression (about 160 in each). This past weekend I finally got around to restarting it, but I seem to have no fuel pressure. Before starting I rebuilt the carbs using OEM kits, replaced gray fuel lines, and cleaned the fuel filter. After there was no fuel pressure I bypassed the fuel selector valve and the fuel filter installing and aftermarket inline fuel filter I got from auto zone. I still have no fuel pressure. The only way I have gotten the engine to run since reinstalling it is by pouring 40-1 gas down the carbs. At this point I'm thinking its probably seals or the pump in the carb is bad. When I put my hand over the pulse line (which is installed) I do feel it blowing air. I've looked in the manual to see if I can find a way to test the seals in the seals in crankcase but haven't seen anything. I did find the instructions on how to test the pump which I have ordered to stuff to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    In my limited experience, my first thoght is to check that the fuel line has been primed and lower pulse lines are connected/ fastened. Dont let confidence in your ability overshadow the fact that sometimes we miss one thing, thats all it takes. Follow all your lines to start, check shop manual step by step like you were servicing the ski and come back with any findings.


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