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    New 2015 STX15F Owner. do I have to run antifreeze when winterizing or just start the

    Hey guys, this is my first time winterizing the new ski and was always told if you start the ski 7-8 times and let it run for 20 seconds each in intervals spread out that the water will get blown out of the exhaust. It does not get crazy cold here in Dallas but will on occasion drop into the 20's. I have already fogged the cylinders and run stabil but just wanted to ask if I need to go back and run antifreeze to be safe or is doing what I did ok. Ski is stored outdoors under a carport and 2 covers and also i wrapped a thick blanket around the engine under the seat. Let me know.

    EDIT someone told me if I get a shop vac and some rags and suck out of the flush port it will suck any water out as well. Will that work? Trying to protect my fogged cylinders if possible by not starting it.
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    If you check your owner's manual, you'll see a section on winterizing. There is a hose at the low point in the system where water collects. The book says to remove it and drain the water from there. It's a pain to get to, so that's why I run antifreeze through all of mine.

    You're getting cold enough to cause freezing. I'm in Midland and we've got about 3 inches of snow right now.

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    The coldest it has got here in Dallas overnight is like 29 this year and with 2 covers and a bunch of moving blankets on the outside and inside the engine bay I think I am prob good still. That being said I want to remove that hose and drain any water. I do not have a manual, can you help me locate it possibly? Also if damage were to have occurred it would just be the exhaust pipe right and not the engine since I started it 8 times for 20 second bursts after flushing?

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    The water remaining in the engine needs to be drained. This is done by removing the water supply hose (92192E in the attached diagram) from the rear engine cover. This is the low point in the system. The exhaust system is self draining for the most part and a couple of throttle blasts at an idle will clear enough so freezing won't be a problem.

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    I'm sure you don't have any damage, but when the temps go lower, you might.

    Here's what the book shows:

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    So I pulled the seats off and am looking at the back of the engine and there are a couple of hosess ecured with screw type hose clamps. Is it the lowest hose on the underside or is it the one on the top side? Also the lower hose routes to the backseat portion at the very back and has another clamp, if that is the right one I can access it much easier and would that be okay to disconnect and blow compressed air through it or does it need to be disconnected closer to the engine?

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    Compressed air with a 1/2" hose barb adapter works well also for getting out water that's collected.

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