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    Motor Help!

    Hey guys...i am new here and new to the whole jet ski any input and help would be greatly the deal is i just bought a mint condition 92 polaris sl 650...for $50 with no motor...i have been looking around and seeing people put in the 750 motor in these...what series motors can actually be dropped into mine and would they be needing any modifications? i appreciate any input.

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    Any of the Fuji engines will fit with some minor changes 650,750,780 (other than the PRO 785), when you find one let us know and we'll point you in the right direction.

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    which in your opinion is a stronger motor if any? i know the 780 puts out more stk hp's than the 6-750 right? which would require more maintenance?
    thanks for your help

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    My preference is the 780, it's been refined, pulls harder and of course will have a better top speed once everthing is said and done.

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    I agree with ph2ocraft regarding the 780 being the better choice. Maintenance would be nearly identical for the 650-780 engines. Now the Pro 785 would be a different story.


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