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    180 Challenger grounded, now no thrust

    I probably know the answer to this but I'll post it anyway. My buddy recently purchased a 180 Challenger. We had it out last night and ended up in a shallow area at low tide. He ran aground in an area that was mostly small rocks, not much sand. We got off of that and then idled through the no wake zone. Got into open water and went to accellerate... nothing. The motor reved and there was some "jet wash" behind the boat but nothing else was going on. It would cruise at idle speed but that's about it. Pulled the boat out of the water but didn't see anything caught in there. We then brought it to his house, hooked a hose up and started it. Sounded like a rock in a blender.

    Sounds like the impeller was damaged and that isn't allowing it to produce any thrust. I figured I'd run this by you guys to see what you think.

    Thank you!

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    You sir are correct!

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    Hey Tom it's Paul that used to be with Thunder. Small world huh.

    Yeah you are probably right on the impeller. It and the wear ring are probably chewed up. Gotta be careful with these damn jet. We have a sand bar (mostly mud though) that we hand out on in the lake here. It's about 2-3 feet deep and I'm always worried about sucking something up. Good luck.

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    Hi Paul! Definately a small world! He has an appointment to bring the boat in on Monday. Luckly I haven't had this problem with my skis and it shows me to watch depth a little better.

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    Hi guys,

    I know a buddy at BRP and he told me that these 215HP SCIC are real strong for sucking the bottom of the lake, just make sure you ride in AT LEAST 3-4 feet of water, the 215HP engine runs at close to 2000 RPM on idle, so it can suck pretty anything laying in the bottom of the lake/river...!

    I have the same boat and i'll probably upgrade to a Stainless steel wear ring just can't stay ok with the plastic OEM one.

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    bummer man.

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