Yamaha oil line mystery??
I have owned seadoo and these are my first yamaha's. On the seadoo they tell you to replace the fuel lines as they will come apart.

I did this and they where a pain to get off the carbs. Once you took the off one time they would come off easy the next time.

Reason I am asking is I beleive that maybe the oil line falling off the yamaha's is caused by someone removing the carbs/oil lines before and now they fall off because they are not on as tight as the factory when installed.

How can a oil line just fall off if it is tight and never been removed? Most of the ones I see you can get off unless you cut the line sometimes after it gets hard. It will not come off over the nipple(I can say nipple right?).

SO is it that most of these machines have had things removed before and now the lines fall off or is it that the lines just come loose by there sevles?

I checked my lines and they are all very tight and you cant pull them off the carbs.

So why??

Does what I am saying makes any since or am I just babbling?