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    2001 virage 700 crank removal, how do I get case apart?

    I have an engine that got water in it, the crank is frozen up. It was sitting for a year before it was given to me. I have it torn down all bolts are out and I canít get the case apart. Where and how should I pry and or bang on it with a dead blow hammer? Iím trying not to damage it. My first attempts couldnít get it to budge.
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    The silicone type sealer they use does hold pretty good.
    Looks like you have all the bolts removed from the bottom.

    There should be a place where the cases have a gap between two tabs, like 1/4 inch or so. A prybar or large chisel in there should seperate cases.
    Once 1 spot lets go, the rest will seperate pretty easy.

    Pat close attention to where and how clips are installed and also the seals.

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    Thanks, I’ll see if I can get creative with a pry bar.

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    Ok I got it apart used blocks of wood and a bigger hammer to get it open. Now to find a crank shaft. Looks like the best bet is the remanufactured one from SBT.

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    It's more expensive, but you're better off having your crank rebuilt than using SBT. It depends where you are at, if you're out west Crankworks does a good job, in the Midwest, Midwest Crankshaft and Northern Crankshaft are supposed to be good too. I'm not sure what's good out East.

    SBT is very love/hate. They make a lot of parts that no one else makes, but sometimes their quality is not so great.

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    id never use sbt hard parts in my engines.

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