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    1996 WaveRaider 700 Starting Problem

    Hey all - 1/5th of the time, my waveraider will just whir when starting. Doesnt sound like a turn over sound.

    If you wait 2 secs, try again, usually it engages/starts just fine.

    What do you recommend doing? Replacing the starter motor?

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    Mine does that once in a while as well. Sounds like the bendix is not extending. That is probably what need to be replaced to fix it, but mine hasn't stopped working completely so I haven't bothered with it.

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    whats a bendix?

    ALso - how long have you been having issues? if its not a terribly important porblem, i may wait to try to fix (which usually means i break something else) untill after our extended 4th of july weekend

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    The bendix is the part that extends out and grabs the flywheel when you hit the start button.

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