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    Ultra 150 - Aggressor Sponson Tuning?

    Recently I bought a Ultra 150 with Aggressor sponsons on it. I have been ejected from the ski twice. Must be a right of passage lol.

    What Iím looking to understand is the effects on the adjustments and how either raising or lowering or moving them forward and how it effects how the jet ski handles? The jet ski really bites hard in turns. Currently they are all the back and adjusted in the middle.

    Any advice would be great.

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    Down and back is most aggressive up and forward is least. I dont remember how much in between adjustment there is on that brand.

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    Great 'Ski, but they are a little finicky. Make sure you inspect/upgrade the oil lines, install the Triple Pisser Mod, seal the display, etc. Lots of info here to read up on.

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    Thank you for the advice TMiller. I’ll make some changes and test it out. Its getting old getting ejected.

    Steve so far I’ve done everything you’ve mentioned and more, thanks to this forum. The jet ski came to me with mods done but very well used. The display was no good when I bought it, I need to find another one. This weekend I paced a buddies new Sea Doo RXP 300 and the Ultra topped out at 65 which felt a little squirrelly on the top end as far as tracking at that speed.

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