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    Beeping at WOT sometimes...

    I have a 2018 Seadoo GTX Limited 300 That I just purchased used. 60 hours roughly. Taken it out 3 times.....

    I run in the Gulf in SW FL. (Cape Coral).. The last time I took it out twice when I punched it I got beeps.. It was hard to hear the radio was on etc. I "thought it was 3 beeps" Maybe it just stopped beeping when I let off.... I don't know. The second time I tried to look at the gauge cluster as fast as I could but didn't see anything. After getting it back I checked the oil.... Good, I checked the coolant tank... Good, I read in the service manual that you can bring up the display and hit mode till you see fault codes and select. I did that and I don't even get fault codes at a selection... I assume that means there are no active fault codes stored??? The unit does not have a catch can. I am assuming the inner cooler needs cleaning Just have not tackled that project yet.
    Too run this thing I need to idle about a half hour before getting to an area that I can open it up so not ideal if there is something wrong....

    So my questions in my head right now is If the ECU starts beeping at you WILL there be something show up on the gauge cluster and I am just missing it? Or can some "warning beeps" go off without any additional info being displayed on the gauge cluster?

    I run 90 REC in it and I know it calls for 91..... but everything I have read says that will be fine the computer will adjust for it, an I am not in a position to be running it WOT for more then a few seconds in the environment I ride in. (the gulf is almost never glass)...

    Wondering if its knock sensor???
    Inner cooler plugged? would that cause a beep??
    The only other thing I have not done yet is pull the plugs and look at them.

    I assume if I take it somewhere(dealer) there will be codes that show up that are not active just stored??? is that correct thought???

    Thanks in advance for any insight you might have.


    Update Photos of Inner Cooler added (pleasantly surprised with 60 hours and no can)

    2nd Update. Spark Plugs. Not the greatest looking.... have new set of older style with lower replacement interval, going to swap out.

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    You should see something ( i.e. flashing light) on the dash if its actually beeping. Your IC looks fine, no need to clean it. On some skis I can here a whistle at speed (caused from the moving air) that I have mistaken for a beep. Not saying that's what you're hearing but you should see some type of visual alarm if it's actually beeping. Note: Codes will clear themselves on the cluster if the alarm condition goes away.
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    If you don't have any operating symptoms, there's nothing to worry about. Consider my situation-I can't hear the beeps because of my hearing loss. I just drive until it runs out of fuel, it sinks, or the check engine light comes on . And BTW, all three of these things have happened while riding in the gulf out of Fort Myers Beach.

    P.S. You don't "need" a catch can-if you get enough oil residue in the cooler to noticeably affect performance there is probably something wrong with the engine.

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    I'd recommend try to view any fault code/s immediately after it beeps.

    See page 153 of your owners manual for the steps to do this.

    A buddy of mine has a 2012 GTI and he had beeps only when riding in rough water. Codes would clear after he got back home.

    I forget exactly what the problem was, but it came down to a loose connection somewhere. He reseated the connection and problem was solved.

    One more remote possibility: If you have a whistle attached to your vest or lanyard, it may be sounding off. I have one and it produces nearly the identical tone as the warning beeps.
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