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    Ultra 300x - some questions

    Hi guys,

    Congrats on a great forum!

    I purchased an Kawasaki ultra 300x 2013 after some searching.

    I rode Sea-doo rxt 260 before for a few times so I am total rookie when it comes to these machines.

    Got a few questions:

    Is anyone using salt away and can I use this in engine compartment as well?

    When splashing engine, is there anything specific to avoid?

    I am guessing there is no air filter on ultra 300x. Two tubes under rear seat look like air intakes, correct? Looks kind of unprotected. What if some bigger object gets in there?

    I read about never ending exhaust filter debate. This ski is on 80h and could not find any trace of exhaust filter maintenance. Does this still have to be checked on 2013s?

    Ski has been maintained until now with oil filters and spark plugs every year (at 80h now). Anything else to add soon?

    Thanks guys!!

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    Where are you located?

    What kinds of water will you be riding? Smooth, rough, open ocean?

    Lots of prior threads on salt-away and general maintenance.

    Do you have the owners manual?

    Service manual?

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    I am from Europe. Its sea water and can be windy with lots of waves. This was also a reason i chose Kawasaki because I read its good in rougher water.

    I downloaded the manual from the internet. Doesnt say anything about maintance of the exhaust filter. Some say it was added to the manual additionally.

    Service book is there. Has been serviced every season.

    I ordered salt away today

    Thanks for your replay!

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    Quote Originally Posted by orienz View Post
    I am from Europe. Its sea water and can be windy with lots of waves. I downloaded the manual from the internet. Doesnt say anything about maintance of the exhaust filter.
    Sea = Mediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea, Black Sea, Caspian Sea, Aegean Sea ???

    There is no maintenance to the Exhaust Filter - so to say - except to inspect and/or replace. You state that your machine has 80 hours on it - I would simply replace it. This is what happened to my exhaust filter at 50 hours:


    If your exhaust filter gets stuck in your water box - like mine did - it's certainly better than what happened to some guys here after it exits the water box - like it slices the rubber exhaust hose and the ski takes on massive amounts of water as a result. Replace it as it's better to be safe than sorry.

    I also recommend you dismantle and lubricate your supercharger drive belt tensioner.


    It is well known that a seized tensioner can create numerous other issues - not only related to performance but also to reliability. Early breakage of your supercharger drive belt is another issue as a result of a seized tensioner and if your belt disintegrates out on your ride - this can create other problems when the belt comes apart. There was one forum member that, after his belt broke, it took out numerous connections in his wiring harness.

    There are numerous threads on this forum - here in the Kawasaki Section - that will prove helpful to you - concerning your recent purchase.

    Welcome and Good Luck !!!

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