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    Looking OEM 2001 XLT800 cover?

    Does anyone have a recommendation on a good cover that doesn't cost a bunch. The OEM one I have has a pull string in the front that snugs it up. I'm looking for something like that. My plan is to keep it at the marina on a float next year. The covers I have been looking at all have straps that go under and around. I won't be able to use those once on the floating dock.


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    Sounds like you may have the OEM Vacu hold one? I have the same machine and cover . Mine is just starting to slowly break down and I did start searching and found a copy of the cover and had the vacu hold as well but I cannot recall the name of the place. I didn't jump because its not a priority at the time but I can try and start searching again and if I find it again let you know. I do know that having conversations with boaters they claim the Budge covers are really good overall endurance, etc. I know they make car covers and all different grades . I plan to order the rust oleum one they have for my truck after new years. That is their best supposedly and I am curious. In fl you need to cover stuff. The sun is just downright brutal in all the damage it does to things . I try to keep my stuff covered and indoors when possible or at least in the shade but even then the heat is something. I have tried many covers and most just don't last that long and disappointed . The oem one I have currently has been good so far and its older. If you find something before I do that is decent pass it on to me as well. Good luck.

    I wrote a response for you and it got lost by accident when I fat fingered the keyboard so if it pops up .. sorry. Its more or less a repeat!

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    mnm99, I idn't forget and not sure if you had any luck but I have one of these covers on my FX . Its older now and starting to tear here and there. Its sat through sun, rain , winds and hasn't moved. These can be tied underneath also but mine is not . It sits on the dolly outside and has not moved , it also was on it outside when it was on the lift and not blown off. I can send you pics of mine on the ski if you'd like so you can see but was thinking might work for you? It fits pretty darn snug around the bottom and I have no complaints other than its time for a new one. Mine is the elite better one, not the economy. I think $79? Here is the link for them .. Hope this helps.

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