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    Interest in Mpem bypass harness

    I've been a Yamaha guy for a while but have recently purchased a couple of X4 hulled skis one being a 96 XP 800 the other being a 657X and while getting these things into ship shape I noticed what a PITA the mpem system is paticularly trying to diag no start,no beep,no spark etc. While searching the the forums I realized it's pretty common and can drive some people to junk or just sell their ski off. So I designed a harness from scratch and reached out to a good friend of mine from the moto world and had a basic cdi matched up with advanced timing and variable rev limiter settings controlled by a set of dip switches on the back of the cdi. My question to everyone is would there be enough interest for me to make a small run of these? I would be including the custom made harness from scratch not a stock repurposed one,Adjustable cdi and a universal shut off/lanyard to go in place of the DESS post this would be completely plug and play. I'm already running the setup in my XP 800 and love it no more guessing whats shorted or damaged or needing to get keys programmed etc. The price point would be under $400 for everything currently trying to get an idea of demand as price could possibly be lower. I appreciate any input you guys could take the time out to offer.
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