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    2008 RXPX255 Fuel Pump

    Have a 2008 RXPX 255 that stopped running. It was hard to start , start then stop a few times and then started and ran long enough to get off the water. Replaced the plugs and coils, had no codes , has no fuel pressure. Pump doesnít come on at all. Fuses are good. Have power at pin B with ground at pin A on pump. Any ideas before I start to check wires . The ski was running great before this happened.

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    Sounds like the fuel pump itself crapped. Not uncommon. Pull it and test it with 12v.

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    Best would be to get a fuel pressure gauge.
    It should be around 3 bars anyway. And check it if after while when pump warm up its not cutting. If its quiet hit a tank with hammer like its commonly used in cars. It should wake a pump for a minute or two. If your behaviour is same its pump inside a tank gives trouble and you need new one.
    Or as it was said you can remove it, but it might work under a power supply, but wouldnt be working with resistance on it.

    Fuel pressure gauge are cheap enough these days. And you can try to find one with connectors similar to fuel line.
    Good luck with fixing.

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    I have an inline fuel pressure gauge. Itís reads 0 psi. The fuel pump is new. Cleaning all the grounds now and replacing the TOP switch

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    Is the power comming to the pump plug? Its straight forward.
    Do you have buds or any other diag? You can activate fuel pump as far as I remember.

    Small hint. If youll be using a needle pin to check voltage thru wire sealing use liquid seal in this place to seal wire again. If you wont ( or someone didnt done it few years back) now wire will be coroded a lot. Itll save you strange problems in the future.

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    All wires have power and ground. Can not turn on fuel pump with software. ECM is bad
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    ECM was sent out to be tested.

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