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    Buying an FZS... What to look for??

    Hi guys,

    Going to see an 2009 FZS with around 150hrs tomorrow.

    Being up north, a sea trial won't be an option. What should I look for more specifically on this model? Any common issues regarding major components?

    It has been pretty cold so far over here, well bellow the 30's. Any risk of a cracked block if winterizing hasn't been done properly?


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    how much?

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    Timing chain.

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    09 no tc issue

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    Didn't take it. Price was nice, but other issues came up.

    Looking for another one. Well actually, any SC Yamaha.

    I know superchargers on Yamaha are less prone to breakdowns and wont ruin your engine. But if it need maintenant it could be pretty expensive. How to know if the SC clutch is fine upon inspection? Any level of whine/noise acceptable? Finger test like the seadoos?

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    The chargers them selves are normally not the issue. The Clutch is checkable, and a wear item. Pull intake and can use fingers to spin the blades on the charger should spin one way and not the other.

    Check tunnel for cracks if modded, normal wear and tear hull marks, check oil for milk.. make sure it runs.

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    i have a 2014 FX SVHO with upgraded 16 engine from yamaha. 305-335-6779 text me i can send you some pictures, i also have a FZR for sale

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