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    Mentzel, the accelerator pumps were disconnected years ago. Definitely not the issue. But I wish it was that easy

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    Quote Originally Posted by skeletor88 View Post
    I have replaced the anti- siphon valves when I rebuilt the carbs. I will pull them down again and replace them again. Can't hurt I guess. Will also have a look at the check valves as I have been told that they have a little bit of green paint (or whatever) on them and the painted side must be up. Don't know how it would make a difference, but will check.
    Yep, some anti-siphon valves are too thick. Once in a while it will cause this issue. Just make sure you have the thin oem style. I usually just push a small screwdriver through the hole and see how much it bends.
    I've NEVER been able to tell which side is which on the FP check discs......and NEVER had an issue there through hundreds and hundreds of carbs.

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