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    Lightbulb 2013 Seadoo GTX 215 Taking on water

    I am new to this forum and hope someone can steer me in the right direction. We had our GTX in the water for about 6 hours anchored and it took on water about half way up the engine. I cannot seem to find where the water might have gotten into the hull. I am hoping someone has some ideas beyond the following things I have checked: Screws are in all the spotoons, all screws tight around the IBR gate/jet pump, drain plugs are in, no physical damage anywhere on the hull, all the hoses inside the hull are on and clamps are tight. As an added note, everything was working on the Seadoo before it took on water, now I get a C0042, C0043 BRLS IBR code - it is stuck in the reverse position. All the fuses are good. Hope someone can help....

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    I would also look at the carbon ring on the drive shaft.

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    One thing to try: Partially fill the hull with water while it's on the trailer and see if any drains out.

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    Thanks, I will check it out once I am able to put it in the water.

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    Thanks. I thought about doing that, but if it is a carbon ring, it might not leak out unless the engine is running. Hate to intentionally put more water in the hull and possibly make my IBR issue worse than it is if the IBR actuator is actually in water. Troubleshot the IBR issue using the Seadoo workshop manual. Based on the continuity testing, it should be the BRLS sensor so I ordered one. Hopefully that fixed the IBR error codes.

    Update - fixed the IBR issue. It was not the BRLS so that was a waste of money. It turned out to be some corrosion on the pins in one of the ECU connectors on the B side of ECU. The pins with the issue were in the circuit for the IBR Actuator. By the way, I bought some fine brushes that you use for cleaning carb jets off Amazon. They come as a set really thin and fit perfectly in the connectors without having to push out the pins. I used CRC electronics component cleaner that won't damage plastic and between brushing and rinsing, got all the corrosion off. Everything works perfectly, been over a month, and still no errors.
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