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    Question Anyone ever put 255 motor in rxt 215 style hull?

    Iím asking if anyone has any experience or reviews of putting a 255 engine in an rxt 215 equipped hull. I have a running Ď08 rxpx 255 and a Ď08 gtx limited bare hull that originally came with the 215 hp engine. Iím contemplating doing the swap, but my main concern is whether itís better or worse than the rxtx 255 with the enlarged intake tract. The Ď08-10 rxpx and rxtx 255 both had the same enlarged intake tracts where the intake grates are located. This minimized top speed, but helped in rough water handling and acceleration with the enlarged tract. You could process more water for acceleration, but not necessarily the best setup for peak speed. Iím thinking a Ď04-08 rxt 215 style hull with a 255 engine would outrun a Ď08-09 rxtx 255 on top speed. This is my personal opinion, but I havenít done it so I canít make any assumptions!

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    Keep in mind 215 and 255 internally are the same , just change the SC on that 215 and add bigger injectors or a tune and a IC walla itís a 255 ,diff prop pitch to compensate power and no need to swap motors out.

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    The ‘08 gtx limited has no motor. I’m just saying it originally was setup for a 215.

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    You could put a 300 motor in there if you want all you have to do is tune it ..

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    The 255 is basically the same motor as the 215 as stated. It should drop right in.

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