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    Quote Originally Posted by Ye Ol Salty Dog View Post
    When it comes to machines, I always say, when the engineers that designed put something into print, it’s probably good to follow the word.

    With regard to premix on a FI 2-stroke, think about that when adding oil into the fuel, while the ECU is following a prewritten stoichiometry map, if you cut each unit of fuel into something less than whole, you’re creating a lean condition which can do damage. Damage, especially to an engine that doesn’t have a knock sensor.
    I think someone should post a sticky on this one. It could save members alot of grief in the future. You saved my but for sure.

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    My man, I’ve encountered people that have “gone premix” and deleted the oil injection on their FICHT Polaris.

    To those reading this: Stoich aside, the fuel injector ONLY spits on the top of the piston. When you delete the oil injection, there is NO OIL going to all the expensive parts on the bottom of the engine!!!!

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