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Thread: 2004 honda r12x

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    2004 honda r12x

    hey guys ,i put my honda on the lake sat,going down the lake skies feels like it is leaning towards the right side?checked under seat no water at all,does anyone else have this problem?do i need to adjust anything,the ski has 1hr on it?

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    If it lays on one chine it will feel like a lean.

    The R ski will Chine walk till about 35-40 MPH. you are still breaking in in and learning the "feel" of the ski.

    It wont bother you once you're use to it

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    thats sounds about right,because of break in ,i was right around those speeds,can't wait for the second tank of gas,my gpr just has a totally different feel to it.i do like the smoothness of the four stroke,thanks for the reply

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