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Thread: Limp mode?

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    Cool Limp mode?

    I just bought two '96 Polaris SLX 900's. One runs great while the other's RPM's won't go over 4200 in or out of the water with a rare couple of exceptions. While messing around with changing out spark plugs, cleaning carbs, and adjusting carb mixture settings, I was putzing around in the water (creeping - and at around 4200rpm) when all of a sudden it shot out of the water and ran at what seemed to be full speed. My excitement was short lived when 20 seconds later the engine completely shut off with the throttle wide open at top speed; it wouldn't start again until I waited five or ten minutes, then it started more roughly than ever. It never opened back up like that again. I have read some posts about people having trouble getting their ski out of a 4200 rpm funk ("limp mode"); however, I was unable to find a solution.

    New battery, new coil, new plugs, fuel hoses seem fine, carbs are clean and getting fuel... It does seem to smoke more than the other.

    Any advice??

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    The first thing I would do is check compression and if it's good then check crank index to make sure the engine is O.K., report back.

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    Firstly, I would like to mention the fact that my girlfriend started doing the research for me; this is why the name is so... girly.

    Secondly, I would like to thank you for helping me out, the quick response, and for the welcome to this forum!!

    It is also important to note that I am not a very skilled mechanic. Most of anything I say that sounds remotely intelligent probably came from someone else when I was bugging them with my problems. Well, I haven't actually ever ran a professional compression checker or know how to get numbered readings... my check consists taking out the spark plug and using the human calibrated finger check.

    I read your link about how to "index" the crankshaft and I think that that procedure is a bit out of my league, sadly.

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    O.K. Let's just assume for a moment the crank is just fine and compression is decent.
    You state they are SLX900's but you either have SL900 or SLX, we need to know for sure. Is the carb cover orange or blue?

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    Is your MFD (multi function display) working properly? Is there any lights flashing or messages posted, like low fuel, low oil, lowpr, or hot?

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