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    Unhappy Seadoo dealer keeps running my ski out of water for too long

    I bought a brand new Seadoo this year, and when I picked it up the dealer was showing me how to flush it. During which he had it running on the hose for about 5 minutes, now this is my first ski, but I had done research that says don't let it run for longer than 2 minutes.

    Anyway, I thought this guy has been a Seadoo dealer since 2010, so I'm sure he knows what he's doing.

    Since then, I've read the manual and forums etc., and it definitely says no longer than 2 minutes.

    I took my ski back to him recently to get a few accessories fitted. At the same time, I waited in the reception area and could see he had my ski running on the hose for precisely ten minutes, whilst he walked off and did some other stuff.

    Surely this is far too long?

    I asked him why he ran it for so long when the manual says 2 minutes. He said its okay, so long as your not revving the crap out of it or leaving it for a half hour then it's okay.

    I would like to think he knows what he's talking about, but we all know how fragile the carbon seal is and now I'm worried he's prematurely damaged it.

    When I got home, I checked the inside of the hull, and what do you know, carbon splatter up the sides, which wasn't there before.

    I'm really just a bit disappointed, you'd expect better from a reputable dealer.

    Rant over.

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    Who is it, brother? Help us avoid this guy.

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    take a picture of your carbon seal area...lets see how it looks. From now on, just count to 60 in your head, disconnect the hose, give it a couple of blips to 5kish to clear out the exhaust and shut it down.

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    I never let dealers go anywhere my ski unless absolutely necessary. Even if they know better, their give a shit ratio is just too low. Why should they care if the seal goes bad, they get paid by BRP (or you) to replace it.

    I once had to have some work done on a brand new SeaDoo that had an issue which required it to be at the dealer for over a month. I couldn't believe the condition it was in when it was finally returned to me. They wrecked the decals, they left it parked under a tree which permanently stained the seat, and the repairs were butchered beyond belief.

    Unless warranty work is absolutely required, no one but me touches my ski. Most of us will take far better care of our boats, motorcycles, and vehicles than dealers ever will.

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    RBoston I hear your rant and feel your pain. At least you recognize that the dealer is doing something wrong. Dealing with poor service for our machines is just a fact of life and it will always be that way. I would just keep an eye on the carbon seal to make sure permanent damage hasn't occurred. I wonder why the dealer insists on running the ski so long on the hose...

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    Shame I don't trust any of the dealers in my area even with my new skis under warranty,everyone has horror stories and or terrible reviews and most of the kids i've seen working in the shop area haven't even completed a Voc school like mmi let alone having minimal time in the field. I've witnessed skis run on the hose for entire cigarette breaks.

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    I time my hose runs to 4 minutes before an oil change. It's just enough to warm the oil and you can grab the carbon ring and stainless hat and they're barely warm to the touch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myself View Post
    I time my hose runs to 4 minutes before an oil change. It's just enough to warm the oil and you can grab the carbon ring and stainless hat and they're barely warm to the touch.
    Mine gets too hot to touch within 30 seconds, I use the newer style kit which creates more pressure hence more friction.

    Having a little water behind the seal makes a big difference. Even just putting the trailer nose on the ground and filling the driveshaft tunnel with water will allow for much longer run time.

    Dealer running it for 10 minutes is nuts, I bet the ride plate was getting super hot at that point. I have a Y splitter that I use to cool the exhaust and carbon seal and can run indefinitely. But, after several minutes the engine temperature goes beyond the thermostat trigger and shortly thereafter the ride plate becomes supe hot. I have a 3rd hose spraying water on the ride plate to keep the engine from overheating.

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    It’s one of those things you either have to turn a blind eye to or learn to work on your equipment yourself.

    everyone thinks when you take it to the dealer your getting the best quality, pro grade service. How ever a lot of the time you are just getting the average hack that is rushed to get stuff out the door.

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    Word of advice...get to know your mechanic if possible. I always ask for the same guy to work on my ski. If heís not in or on vacation iíll waite. If your uncomfortable with what they are doing speak up, donít let them do anything you disagree with. Itís your ski, your money. If what you see is not normal to you ask for an explanation. If the answer is unsatisfactory to you tell them you donít agree and have them stop. Thatís what these forums are for. All mechanics think they know what they are doing, most do, but some have no clue or simply donít care. My 2 cents

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