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    2017 fxsvho worx BOV

    looking for some advise, fitted the worx BOV but doesnít seem to be working Correctly, can anyone explain how this should operate?
    seems to be dumping Small amounts air even when ticking over, When rev up it doesnít open all the time, and then Sometimes stays open ,
    is the spring too weak? Issue with vacuum?

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    How is the BOV connected to the intake manifold ?

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    No, map sensor, this is what fitting instructions recommend,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stan75 View Post
    No, map sensor, this is what fitting instructions recommend,
    Please do not connect to the map sensor, it could/will mess with fueling. Tap into the intake manifold and run that line to the bov.
    Do a search on tapping into the manifold
    Its pretty easy to do

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    Can anyone explain the dynamics behind how the BOV should work? Purpose of vacuum line? Spring tension? Does the Worx version operate different to others? I have numerous friends running BOV’s connected to map sensor with years of trouble free hours,
    don’t particularly want to pull off the manifold as it’s a right pain to get back on,

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    Have you rode the ski since BOV being installed? After installing my first bov, while running on a trailer I thought things were wrong with the way it was operating and I just never experienced a Bov before. Once in the water it all made sense as it worked flawlessly. *but I'm also tapped into the manifold not map sensor

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    The BOV should be open at idle and part throttle. It will close off at full throttle and it will open again when you release the throttle.

    Always drill and tap the manifold to install a BOV. Never tap into the MAP sensor hose as this throws off the signal while the BOV is actuating which throws off fueling. A BOV needs it's own dedicated boost reference hose. The instructions for the RIVA BOV tell us this.
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