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    1999 Kawasaki STX 1100 Gauge question

    I picked up a couple and they run well, and most of the work that needs to be done is cosmetic. The main issue is the gauges. Both gauges do not work. From my research thy do not make new replacements and the used ones are $450 plus that I seem to find.

    Is there another gauge that is in production or aftermarket gauges that I can use. Even if I have to modify or 3d print a bracket etc. that would be fine. Thanks

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    Ebay is probably your best source for this. You need to look at your displays and determine whether they have 3 plugs or 4. It appears that the 4 plug version was only used on the 1999 STX 1100s. I used to have both a '98 and '99 and I don't remember any difference in the display except the number of plugs, and I don't know why they were different.

    Be sure to carefully inspect the oil lines. They get brittle with age and will split or fall off, destroying the engine. Odds are they also need the bearings on the oil pump drive coupling replaced.

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