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    Wave raider 1100 runaway

    I have a 96 raider 1100 and I'm having a problem with the rpm going up when I shut the hood and with it open it idles down. Reeds are good
    I've rebuilt all three carbs, spark is good compression is good..
    Low and high needs are set to factory.. I've even tried to lean it way down and still does it.. I'm so stumped if anybody has any ide...

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    I can't necessarily correlate the hood effecting idle with the runaway unless there is a issue with the throttle cable getting in a bind. But things to check for a true "runaway" are air leaks, idle screw turned in too much, throttle cable issues.

    What kits were used for rebuild? What was pop off set to? RPM out of water is supposed to be around 3k. In water it drops roughly in half down to around 1500.

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    The Raiders have a VERY long throttle cable. I've seen them bind when routed incorrectly and pull on the carb linkage raising the rpms.

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