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    FIRE - 2000 SLH 700, replaced start/stop, then MFD wires burned up at cdi,help please

    Hi, I'm new to the group and would like to introduce myself by saying I almost caught my new (to me) polaris 700 on fire yesterday! I'm new to the pwc world, new to 2stroke, new to watercraft altogether, novice small engine work! This was probably a bad idea, but I have been dying to get on the water one way or another.

    Came across what seemed like a good deal on a 2000 slh 700, wasn't running (and no trailer). The start stop/trim switch was tore apart. Guy told me he had taken it on a trade, ran it a bit, then the switch started acting up and it quit on him. So I made an offer and bought it cheap. Got new (used) switch unit from ebay, and got to installing it yesterday. Took the top mount plate off the handlebars, disconnected, and pulled old wiring out, fished new in - this part was a pain, I ended up taping each harness to a piece of solid copper wire and fishing it that way. It took some good pulling here and there, but got it in. Prior to starting any of this, I stuck the lanyard on, and the display showed ...something. I can't tell ya what it was, or if it was even jumbled, but I figured low battery, so it's been on a tender, and measures at rest 12.7v or something like this. So when I get the new switch installed, fuel drained (syphoned out of top of tank), fresh 100% fuel added, freshly charged battery, new plugs, I connect the battery in the hull. Mind you the CDI is laying loose, the battery was too - I found a bungee for battery, but not for CDI (and the bolts from CDI are not installed). I get to messing around with a few things, making sure fuel is set, pet cock on, doing whatever, and after about 3-5 minutes, I see smoke starting to bellow out of the hull! Dive in as quick as I can, pull battery disconnect switch off first, smoke doesn't seem to be letting up! I get the screws out, battery out, and find the smoke is coming from inside the CDI. Another thing to consider, when I connected the battery, the action which presumably led to the smoldering electrical wires - lanyard was not in (not sure this makes a difference in diagnosis or trouble shooting).

    Skip to the end - I've discovered the blue and black wire that go to the MFI are smoked right where they exit the CDI box. I've also come to find that there is an orange/black stripe wire that goes to nothing, and a red/purple stripe wire that is stripped back and two ends finger twisted together, copper exposed inside the box. As of now, the gauge doesn't come on at all, and I think I've discovered why (after finding wiring diagram thanks to this site).

    My questions for the well informed out there:

    1a Have I toasted the electronics, or just the wires? Any idea what would have caused this? Cut out the bad sections of wire, splice in new, and try again?

    1b Is it possible that when pulling/fishing/wrestling the wires through the steering part of the body, I cut something, jammed something up, stripped, pulled out, or shorted something? I wouldn't think so, as if I shorted something, wouldn't the smoldering have come from the location of the damage?

    2 Any idea why the red/purp wires would be this way?

    3 I think from the diagram, I can tell the Or/blk is for the bilge pump, and should come off of a 3A fuse, any idea why it might be off like this?

    Thanks SO MUCH for any advise or insight on the matters!! I'm probably a fool for having got into something like this, but it seemed too good! (Gave $300). Photos attached, hoping that they prove to be helpful. Thanks again in advance y'all. I'll be super appreciative of anything that moves me in the right direction.

    photo from the marketplace ad that I bought from, only thing in this pic that's mine, is the ski now. All other pics are POST near-fire:

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    It seems that the electrical system was not in factory configuration before you began to replace the Start/Stop switch.

    My guess is that there was one or more short circuits occurring. You had bare wires twisted together, a loose battery in the hull and a loose electrical box. The electrical box shell on many models is metal and cannot be allowed to touch the battery posts.

    If you damaged any of the wires going through the handlebar area, those will need to be removed and repaired.

    With the battery disconnected, you need to repair or replace the damaged wiring. AND confirm that every single wire and connection is in the factory configuration. Sometimes wires get crushed in between the halves of the electrical box seam. Or a wire is squashed against an exposed terminal tab.

    When you have the wiring repaired and checked over then you can do some diagnostics and determine what works and what might be damaged.

    Tip: My signature link leads to a lot of useful info, including wiring diagrams.


    Note: The CDI is a specific module mounted inside the electrical box.

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    The burnt wires appear to be from the handle bar controls harness.
    Did you say you took the switch apart ?

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    Thank you, and agreed! This was definitely NOT in factory condition prior to me having ever laid hand on it. I have read about the box being conductive, but it would appear to be a plastic/abs or some other non-conductive material construction on this one, so I don't suspect that would have caused the short (only guessing now). I've located a wiring diagram and will be trying to trace things down over the next several days, I only get small windows to dedicate to hobby/project. I'm not sure I damaged anything in the handlebar harness or not, I was only speculating, but my thought was that if I sheathed a wire in that location, that would most likely be the location of the short and then of course, the heat/damage. I'll pull it out and check it all over. Thanks for the tip on the CDI and box terminology... I'm showing my green! I appreciate the feedback, and the advice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by casey67 View Post
    The burnt wires appear to be from the handle bar controls harness.
    Did you say you took the switch apart ?
    The switch on the ski when I bought it was already taken apart, hanging disassembled from the handlebars, dangling! I purchased a new/used one from ebay and installed it in tact. I believe you are in fact correct with regard to the wires, from what I can tell, they lead to the display at the center of the bars. Of course, it doesn't display anything now!

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