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    Riva open loop cooling Fluctuating temp

    Hi All,

    I have an issue with a Riva Open loop kit. Kit has been installed with 160 Thermostat and been in ski for 2 years with no issue. Past 2 rides temp is fluctuating between 69C and 78C whilst cruising at 5k rpm. Previously it was constant 69-72 Temp spikes up to 86 if idling before I move and temp comes down. So far I have inspected the following -

    hose connections - Y piece and T Piece.
    verified thermostat working in boiling water

    for good measure I will be changing thermostat to rule it out.
    next step is pull pump and check water passages and strainer

    ski runs perfect otherwise. Any ideas of other areas to check?

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    I’m thinking damage or obstruction. Curious to head what you find
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    swap out the temp sensor, its cheap and easy

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