New to this forum!
On my 2005 RXT the speedo doesnít read anything. I bought the ski with a new paddle wheel sensor that was replaced; I also purchased the Candoo GPS adapter since the paddle wheel is inaccurate and I just mainly want the speedo to be alive on the water (it bothers me that the tach is revving Iím going pretty fast but the speedo is stuck at zero)

My issue is even the Candoo GPS isnít displaying anything on the speedo. The needle moves when I first put the DESS on, so Iím pretty sure the cluster is fine (no moisture or anything there)

I also had my friend who is a Seadoo tech hook up the computer and make sure the speedometer box option was checked (not sure the technical term for it)

Iíve been researching and first decided to measure voltage at the purple/yellow wire connecting to the paddle wheel. I measure 5V, shouldnít it be 11-12V? Same thing with the lake temp sensor, 5V. Any ideas what could cause this? Or is 5V correct, and something else is preventing the speedo from working? (Battery is charged, measured at 12V, ski starts with no issues)

I havenít checked the paddle wheel for fluctuating voltage when turned because Iíd be bypassing it with the GPS module anyway

any help would be greatly appreciated.