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    MSX150 rebuild intervals?

    How many hours on average before you have to rebuild the turbo 2004 MSX 150 has 165 hours on it runs great I change oil often during the season. ��

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    If you take good care of it, which it sounds like you do, then many hundreds of hours are achievable. (Highest I've heard of is pushing 500 hours, and counting).

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    Are you asking about the rebuilding the turbocharger? Or the engine?
    Regarding the engine. I second Hiperco's comment. If you don't overheat them or have nikasil plating issues... they are very stout, German engineered-and-built engines that can go many hours.

    The turbochargers all likely depend on usage, oil used, cool-downs (or lack of them)... the normal turbo longevity issues.


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    If you don’t neglect the maintenance and don’t do anything that’s obviously detrimental to a marine vessel... or machine in general, they can keep going and going and going. For instance, the turbocharger is a k03 turbo, same as any VW/audi 1.8t. In automotive application, that turbo can go hundreds of thousands of miles, meaning on a jet ski, with proper maintenance, it can last the life of the vessel.

    This is one of my many all-original, never rebuilt, MSX-110/150s that have never had an engine or turbo rebuild, only general maintenance.

    530-hours, runs like new.
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