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    low performance 08 kawasaki ultra250x.


    I need help on 08 kawasaki ultra250x.

    I bought the jet in March with 89 hours. The first time we put the jetski in water was going +/- 50km/h.
    After that we changed the impeller because the one that was at jetski was a little beat damaged. So once we open the housing we just also the pump bearings.
    We changed the supercharger bearing.
    The ski was performing better but after that I had issue on the intercooler. What putting water inside. We fixed, we took out the damp valve and replaced with a block plate.
    we did a normal maintenance oil, filter and spark plugs.
    We put back on the water last weekend but the jetski was not going more then 40km/h.

    Any advice on what else I can check?

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    Welcome aboard, Karn!

    There have been several threads about the 250 recently:

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