Hi everyone. I wanted to share a discovery in the event anyone else is searching like I have.

I've been searching for fuel injector rebuild kits (o-rings, basket filters, plastic caps, etc) and searched for a while. I was finally able to determine that the injectors are either made by Keihin, or they make a replacement (https://www.injectorplanet.com/colle...ducts/keihin-e). Based on comparing images to the injectors that I pulled out, they look to be the same injector dimensions. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find actual dimensions to compare to.

From the looks of the injector it appears to be the same injector used for the Honda Civic 1.7L engines, 2003 Honda Gold Wing GL1800, as well as the F-12X.

Since they appeared to be the same injector, I ordered a rebuild kit ($19 on ebay for all 4: https://www.ebay.com/itm/FUEL-INJECT....c100677.m4598).

I will post an update after I've put them back together. I have some cleaning in the fuel rail and the throttle body to remove some corrosion. Hopefully everything will go back together and seal up as it is supposed to.