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    2015 Ultra 310R reverse problem

    I have a problem I cant figure out. 2015 310R reverse lever and cable are silky smooth except for when you put it in the most "forward" position then there is a "catch" when you go to move it to reverse. Cant figure what it might be. Not the lever because when its disconnected the lever is like glass smooth. Not hanging up in the detent. when you have the cable loose at the lever the bucket moves silky smooth until you get to the very last 3/8" in the up (forward) position they it gets a catch in it. No other position is catching, just the very last 3/8" up. If you latch it in full forward, then it catches and pops when you pull hard to go into reverse. has me stumped, the cable moves so easily. no binding at the bucket itself either, had it disconnected and if falls and lifts freely.

    Thank for any assistance.

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    There is a detent in the reverse lever and a stop on the bucket. This situation is common when the reverse cable gets out of adjustment. You need to adjust your cable ends so that the reverse bucket reached the stops in the forward position with the reverse level locked in forward but doesn’t stretch the cable. Also inspect the reverse cable itself as this can also be an issue if the cable is damaged. As soon as their is pressure on the cable the damaged cable jacket can cause this issue.

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