Hey all,

New here. I'm building a jet boat powered by two 1998 GP1200 engines. Looking for any practical info on engines, pumps etc.

The big things I'm looking for are:

Is there a way to get a backlight on the instrument cluster? I want to be able to see it at night. I plan on using both in the ski.

Is there a possible way to keep exhaust gasses and water separate all the way to the transom? I don't want to mix my water and exhaust gasses so to prevent water from ever getting into the engine.

One of the two skis I have purchased has some "mods."
It has a stainless RIVA head. Are these any good?

It also has a sch. 40 pvc intake with a single filter. I was told this was a RIVA product, but I'm not buying it.

The ski with the RIVA head had some issues that I was aware of before purchasing. The previous owner said it would run fine until WOT, where it would run great and then bog down. I pulled the engine and found a few things. First, the dome on the head of the center cylinder made it clear that the ski had been blown up before. However, all cyls had 100 psi. The piston in the center cyl also had some scoring on both intake and exhaust sides. Cylinder liners all look ok. The pump cylinder also had some problems. I found that one of the head bolts was only on hand tight and I had some dried mud residue coming out of the head here. I also found the piston to be pretty well water washed after disassembly. Plug was also wet with water (he test ran them for me.) I believe I found the problem, but I'm suspicious as compression read 100 psi on this cylinder. Anything else I should look for?

I chose these engines because I love yamaha two strokes. I also have another GP1200 of the same year that has never been rebuilt and runs great, 120psi in each cylinder.