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    Quote Originally Posted by tman701 View Post
    Apologies for the rookie question, being new to the supercharged wave-runner world, but why not thru the sc?
    lots of problems from creating an in balance on the impeller from oil ro the wheel compressing liquid

    also there is no reason to fog a 4 stroke, this is old school 2 stroke thinking

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    Quote Originally Posted by seabrook View Post
    ... there is no reason to fog a 4 stroke ...
    Rusting/corrosion of the exhaust valves and valve stems was a real problem for an older generation of 4-Tec engines.

    There is liquid water in the exhaust waterbox, and that can create moisture that travels back towards the engine. On the Yamaha 4 cylinder engine one or more cylinders may have the exhaust valves open with the engine off, which means moisture can also enter the combustion chamber.

    The only thing limiting my own use of fogging oil on SVHO engine is the hassle of getting the fogging mist directly into the throttle body and intake manifold.

    Overall there seems to be very few reports of problems directly attributable to storage of the Yamaha engines without fogging oil. That said, I know I would prefer to apply it, if it wasn’t such a hassle to do it properly.

    I blip the throttle firmly on the warmed up engine multiple times to expel as much water as possible from the waterbox (yes, the supercharger clutch would prefer I don’t do that). That minimizes the amount of water left sitting in the waterbox. I only do this before longer term storage, not after every ride.

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