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    It just wont rev over 3k rpm. 96 Hurricane

    Starts fine. Sounds and runs fine up to 3k, but any more throttle and it just bogs and dies. A few times it's revved all the way up and it takes off and runs great for a couple minutes, then it bogs down again.

    135 lbs compression test, both cylinders.
    Fresh rebuilt carbs. Previous owner rebuilt them, I tore them back apart to make sure it was done right. Everything is clean and new and shiny.
    Pop off valve test checks out to spec.
    I replaced both of the fuel pump membranes with the high quality kit.
    New plugs.
    New battery.
    Replaced all fuel lines.
    Fresh gas. Fuel tank is spotless inside.
    Fuel selector works fine. No flow issues, no leaks under pressure or vacuum.
    As it came to me, it had the wrong coil (it ran but poorly). I bought a used correct one from eBay, installed but no change.

    Both cylinders seem about the same warm temp after running. I don't have a temp gauge, but by touching it's not like one was cold and the other smoking hot.

    I disconnected one spark plug then the other, it would start after some cranking, cough and sputter and not rev up. Did the same when disconnecting either plug.

    Ran without a seat and saw no water spraying anywhere inside.

    I rigged up a fuel pressure gauge on the return line, then ran the line out so I could pinch it off the return line downstream. When I pinched it off, fuel pressure came up to 6-8 psi. (It might go higher but I let go so it didn't pop a connection and spray fuel all over the lake.) There was no change to the bogging issue whether the return line was pinched off or not.

    I'm about ready to back it into the river and just unhitch.

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    Yeah, I'm at a loss also..

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    Timing ?

    What IS the spec for pop-off ?
    Needle arm heaight set ?
    Needle arm diaphragms correctly installed/facing correct direction ?

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