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    Problem is all skis are very pricey right now. The covid scare has them all jacked up on price...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Micman14 View Post
    should i buy now or at the beginning of next season? ...
    2020 has been a strange year for PWC pricing. COVID-19 shutdowns limited the supply of new machines since factories were closed for several months. Demand become quite high so anything that was water ready sold out in a hurry. Dealers emptied their showrooms and every used half-decent running condition PWC was selling for prices much higher than during the previous summer.

    Even non-running examples were getting prices often well above what they were ‘worth’.

    Right now I expect there is not much selection on offer. Next spring the PWC manufacturers will have had all this winter to build inventory and get it ready for their dealers. My guess is that 2021 PWC demand will be similar to 2020 but at least the supply of 2021 new product will be greater.

    If next summer‘s market is anything like this summer good condition used watercraft will continue to be in demand, especially for buyers that can not or will not pay the asking prices for new.

    If you are willing to really dive in and learn as you go, perhaps you might consider buying a pair of same or similar model broken PWC* on a double trailer. Get them both going (or perhaps use one as spare parts for the other). Come next summer you can sell one of the two (now working) machines (hopefully for a lot more $ than you paid for it) to put against the cost of buying the pair. If it all works out really well you might end up with one good running PWC for a net cost close to zero.

    Plenty of work involved, but diving in and fixing up old PWC is something many of us have done.

    Be aware that some PWC years and models are more difficult to work on or parts are expensive, hard to source. Sometimes specific parts are no longer available new or from the aftermarket, complicating or perhaps preventing cost effective repair.

    * My preferred approach is to buy a good condition PWC (cosmetic and overall condition) with a blown 2-stroke engine. The seller knows it is badly broken and the final price should reflect that. You know what is ‘wrong’ already.

    A complete rebuilt engine (such as Polaris Fuji 750 or 780) can be purchased for under $700. You do the work to remove the old engine and install the new. Plus inspect/service/repair everything else on the machine, and especially the carburetors and the fuel system.

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    I'm not even sure if it's worth the time to answer your questions, but here goes.

    A number of knowledgeable people here have tried to give you excellent advice and you don't seem to be paying attention. This would indicate to me that you're probably not even old enough to buy a 'Ski. (You have to be at least 18 years old).

    That said, about the only way to find something that fits your requirements would be to find one where the owner has died and the heirs don't know what it's worth.

    There are lots of 'Skis on Craigslist that 'will do 80' or 'runs great, just needs a battery'. Don't believe it. Many 'Skis from the 1990s didn't even have speedometers.

    Keep in mind that parts are expensive. After buying it, you'll have to transfer the title and get it registered. You'll have to get the trailer registered (which will probably need lights, tie-down straps, and tires). You'll probably need to buy a battery ($100+). Odds are that you'll have to go through the carbs (use ONLY genuine OEM parts!) and/or do a top overhaul ($500-1000). The original footwell pads are probably shot, new HydroTurf will set you back $100. The seat upholstery will be coming apart...

    And all this is just to get it running.

    Now that the riding season is generally over in your area, prices will be coming down. I would suggest that you just find one that runs well and have fun with it. As you learn how to ride and maintain it, you'll learn more about the features that you really want in your next 'Ski.

    I wish you well.

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    My 98' GTX limited went 57 mph on the GPS today. 215 hours on engine. Still strong, I have had some carb issues and my ski has been well maintained . It's not for sale.

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    The Polaris Sl 1050 also a good ski for its time but to find parts is pricy

    Ive been restoring my 97 SL 1050 now got 50 on mfd on choppy water out of it but think i still need to redo carbs to perform better

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    GP1200R, GP1300R, or Ultra 150 come to mind as fastest from late 90s to early 2000s. Seadoo XPs are a lot of fun too. For your budget I would look for a beat up 96XP. Can find one that needs some work for around $1000 in my area.

    But as others have mentioned, you'll have $1500 or $2000 into it by the time you register it in your name and fix all the worn out parts. These are 20+ year old machines so expect to replace nearly every part on it that is still original.

    Sorry to say it, but your budget probably does not allow a jetski. I'd keep saving and buy a clean running ski for ~$2000 or buy one to completely rebuild for only a couple hundred.

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