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    Exclamation Ultra 250x water inside !!!

    Hello everybody

    Yesterday I take my 08 ultra 250x and lift it from the trailer to the water but in less then 3 minutes without start it I open the seat to be sure everything is good because this is my first time to test it after rebuild. I see that a huge amount of water getting inside and the level is down the crankcase not more then So, I remove my jetski directly out of the water and open the drain plugs while putting it on the ramp to drain the water out quickly.

    Anyone know what can be the problem ?

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    There are multiple issues. Check your water hoses, the 2 that come from your cylinder head and go into the waterbox. 1 is under the intake manifold, the other is under the exhaust manifold.
    Check your exhaust manifold, they tend to oxidize thru the waterjacket. There should be no water coming thru exhaust pipe. Make sure none of the water hoses are clogged.

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    It’s most likely one of the items moond0gy mentioned. Also a good reminder for every ski owner to put a bilge pump in. It won’t fix a hull breach or massive water leak but will give you valuable time to get back to safety.

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    Only way I could see that much water come in that fast is from a hole in the hull. Otherwise also check the cooling lines that come from the jet pump. I have found some popped loose on the 250x's.

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    I think I found where the water get inside the hull but I don't know how this happen since I replace all these 4 seals include the ball bearing in middle with new one from KAWASAKI dealer before I install the engine.

    Here the pictures

    thanks you all for yours advice
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