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    2001 GP1200R. Milky oil/ water in exhaust. . Where can this come from?

    I just recently posted a question about the looks of my sparks plugs. I took thinks apart further. Found oily/Milky build up in the exhaust. Itís in all 3 cylinders. Iím assuming I have water intrusion from somewhere. But what could leak and be in all the cylinders. I donít think itís the head gasket. I have Riva individual heads. So They seal up separately, and the gasket looks like it was well sealed. And ideas? Anyone see this before.

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    Hope the pictures are ok

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    I’ll update my post. Found corrosion on the bottom of the cylinders. Seems like water must just sit there as I do flush it out after I ride it in salt water. There was deposits of salt just sitting on the bottom of the jugs. Cleaned it all up replaced gaskets and ran it. Nice clean dry plugs this time.

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    I've seen this happen from a ski being towed too fast without clamping the cooling line and from someone turning off the machine but forgetting to turn off the when flushing. Did either of those happen?

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    No it was a problem I’ve noticed all summer. I still rode because it actually ran ok. Where I am it’s the end of the season now so I started taking things apart.

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    I agree, this looks like water back filling the exhaust and filling the cylinders.

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