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    SVHO engine cooling mods

    I know this is an old topic and I have done a pretty extensive search reading back through quite a few old threads but with the "off season" coming for many of us I assume many people, like myself, are planning some winter mods and some newer, current input wouldn't hurt.

    On the topic of cooling mods there are quite a few options out there, but which is right for which "stage" of a build and climate? What would be considered "too much" added cooling? I would like this to turn into an all encompassing conversation based on various levels of mods and climates.

    My specific set up and question is as follows:
    I plan to switch to a 20psi wheel with the typical supporting mods and I cant decide between the Riva Pro series cooling or the worx cooling kit(which basically takes the current intercooler feed and routes it to the engine anode fitting and adds a dedicated line to the intercooler). Obviously Riva recommends their kit, but dean's team recommends the worx set up in their "level 6" kit. In my case the ski is a rec ski and gets ridden 2-3 times a week. Air temp it usually between 70 and high 90s through out the riding season, and water temp starts at a low of 50 in the beginning of the season and gets up to the mid/high 80s in the middle of summer.

    obviously I am hoping to get an answer for my particular set up, but I'm also hoping this can become more of an open discussion on what everyone is doing cooling wise with their level of mods and climate.

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    For that level of modifications and air temps I would definitely go with the pro series cooling. It's a perfectly designed kit from many hours on dyno and on water testing. It not only feeds the intercooler, it also provides proper cooling to the engine and oil cooler. I use the pro series cooling on my high power builds and ride in the same climate and it's been perfect.

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