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    2012 RXTX 260 Buggy fuses?

    Hi all,

    I am wondering has any of you gotten the same issues as I did last night?

    I was making sure all the electrical connections were secured after a very hard day of riding last night, and after playing around with the fuses and then connecting the battery, the ski would not even turn on. When I click and hold the red power button, all I hear is a rapid clicking sound from the relay, but nothing on the screen and gauges. I took each fuse out, cleaned the terminals with sandpaper, and then this issue hasn't come back. Could this be a faulty fuse connection (perhaps corrosion) or a more major wiring issue? This ski is bought used therefore I am not certain it hasn't been sunk before (as per the sellers word...).

    Thanks all!

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    sounds about right, except for the part where the ski never sank, there are tiny telltale signs of sinkage, like sand in unexpected places, but fuse blocks are a known problem issue after they have been submerged.

    abrasives not the best way, bare metal is faster to corrode once the tin is scraped away, contact cleaner/ d-grease better

    you know what to do know if the electrics start misbehaving, so its a clear win.

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