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    06 RXP Winterization using compressed air??

    I thought I read somewhere a while back that using compressed air at the flush port is an option for removing water/winterizing. Will this protect the IC and exhaust manifold? Iím in an area where I could ride (miserably) in the winter but need to immediately re-winterize and using compressed air would be convenient. Iím planning some maintenance/mods this winter and Iíll HAVE to take it on the water to try them, I wonít be able to stand it!!!


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    I donít know the answer to your question but adding the recommended RV antifreeze is super easy.

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    The idea of compressed air is to shoot out the majority of the water in the exhuast. If your ski is stored indoors in a heated area its an option and a risk. The antifreeze method is all most guaranteed to prevent any freezing. Get a short garden hose about 3ft in length a a funnel and 4 gallons of antifreeze. Stand on the back of your ski while its running and pour the antifreeze in till its pink. Should only cost your about 15 bucks in antifreeze. Cheap insurance for the exhaust not freezing.

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    Thanks...Sounds like a plan I’ll quit tryin to be lazy...For now ��

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    If you use the RV antifreeze, it won't even be that expensive.

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    4 gallons! Ah thats way more than you need, a gallon at most.
    To prevent carbon seal melt down, try it this way.
    Do not start the engine, pour in 1/4 a gallon though the flush port. Start engine a blip throttle once, if the exhaust is water and not pink, shut off, add another 1/4 gallon, repeat.
    Exhaust should show pink around 3/4 gallon at most and your done.
    Remember, your only displacing a bit of water in the system with antifreeze, not filling the system with antifreeze.
    Been doing it that way in Canada for 17 years, stored in an unheated shed, never an issue.

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